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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that you don't see answered below, click here and we'll get back to you shortly. 

How can MailMogul.com get me more business?
MailMogul has teamed up with our Sister company, DirectMailQuotes.com to provide new business leads to everyone who signs up.

What is DirectMailQuotes.com and how does it work?
DirectMailQuotes.com is a website designed to provide unlimited leads for mail shops. 
Companies and individuals visit our website to obtain valuable information that will make their direct mail campaigns more productive and successful, and to obtain quotes from direct mailhouses - just like you - who are interested in helping them succeed (and make a profit too)! 

These companies and individuals come to our site and complete an RFQ (Request for Quote) on our website, detailing the specs of their mailing needs: (1) Total number of pieces to be mailed; (2) Type of piece (self-mailer, envelope, window envelope, postcard, etc.); (3) Size of each piece (letter, flat, etc.); (4) Weight of each piece; (5) Class of mail (first class, bulk rate, second class, non profit); (6) Whether any folding is involved; (7) Number and type of insert pieces; (8) Any and all other mailing processes, as well as special instructions; and (9) Deadline for completion. 

The people who visit DirectMailQuotes may want to mail a few hundred pieces a year, or a few million a month. In any case, you will have the option to respond to those prospects whose needs you can comfortably handle.

How does DirectMailQuotes promote its service?
DirectMailQuotes spends tens of thousands of dollars in advertising to promote its site and service. They also affiliate their Request For Quotes Service out to many large business-to-business websites throughout the Internet. Over 1 million monthly users have access to DMQ's Request For Quote service.

Why should I sign up?
Since DirectMailQuotes does not have the huge costs associated with the yellow pages, or hiring an outside sales force, they can offer Members access to businesses that are ready to use direct mail, at a fraction of what it would normally cost.

As a DMQ Member, your benefits would include: 
  • RFQ's from qualified leads 
  • Archive of all your past RFQ's for reference
  • Ability to export contact information from past leads you received
  • Listing in DirectMailQuotes' Find Mailhouse directory 
  • Much, much more!!

How do I sign-up? 
Click here to get started and one of our representatives will discuss with you the different membership packages that are available and see which one fits your need the best. Once you are set-up and we start receiving leads in your area, we will send you the appropriate Requests for Quotes for you to bid on.

How do you determine who gets the Request For Quotes? 
There are multiple levels of membership that you can sign up for with DirectMailQuotes.com. Your level, as well as other criteria such as how near you are to the prospect, the size of the job, whether it meets your RFQ specifications, etc.are used to determine who gets the RFQ. 

How do I bid on a job? 
We will send you an email indicating that you have a RFQ waiting for you at our site. You simply come to our site and login using your e-mail and password. From here, you can access the specs of the RFQ and determine if you would like to bid on the job. 

How many mail shops bid on each job?
A maximum of six mail shops are allowed to bid on any given job. This way, shops have a reasonable chance to win each job. The six who are chosen are the first ones to request to bid on a job.

How much does it cost?
It depends on the number of Request For Quotes you wish to receive and the area you would like to cover. Outside the cost to become a member, you will be charged a small fee each time you decide to bid on a job. See the schedule below for the costs to bid on a job:

Self-mailer, envelope, postcard and poly bag jobs: 
Quantity of job
0 to 999 pieces
1000 to 4,999 pieces
5,000 to 9,999 pieces
10,000 to 99,999 pieces
100,000 + pieces
Price to Bid
If the requestor indicated they do the job a minimum of 6 times a year or more: 

Quantity of job

5,000 to 9,999 pieces
10,000 to 99,999 pieces
100,000 + pieces
Price to Bid

How does this price stack up to other types of advertising?

#1: Direct Mail Campaign: 
1,000 mailers sent out at bulk rate. Envelope with a letter and a reply envelope with card. Need to purchase a mailing list of businesses in your area.
Total cost: $350
Number of leads: 20 (assumes a 2% response)
Cost per lead: $17.50
Downside: A lot of effort is put into a campaign. It is difficult to get your mailer to the right person. 

#2 Cold Calling: 
Hire someone to make calls and set-up appointments with those in the area that use direct mail. We will assume in a normal week, a caller can get fifteen quality leads. We will also assume a low pay wage of $7.50/hour with no medical or taxes.
Total cost: $300/week
Number of leads: 15/week
Cost per lead: $20
Downside: Cold calls generally do not make a good impression. Also, the meetings that are set up are time-consuming and often do not amount to anything. 

#3 Yellow Pages: 
Depending on your area, ads can run $100/month to $1,000/month. While there is no way for certain to determine how many calls you will get for the money, our limited research estimates it to be about $25/phone call, many of which are not high quality leads.
Total cost: $100 to $1000/month
Number of leads 4 to 40/month
Cost per lead: $25
Downside: Calls are nonqualified leads that often waste a salesperson's time and are not the type of job that your company can or wants to handle. 

#4 Direct Mail Quotes: 
You pay between $5 and $25 per lead depending on the size of the project, but based on the jobs we normally get, it equates to an average of $7/lead. These leads are qualified because prospects have taken the time to fill out our form. Their full contact information is given to you and it saves your salespeople time since they simply get emailed the specs of the job. You can even specify the types of job and the size of jobs that you want to receive Request For Quotes on, so again, saving your company time.
Total cost: Depends on the Radius level you sign up for. 
Cost per lead: Average $7 per job that is bid on.
Downside: None. 

How many RFQ's will I receive?
That depends on a number of factors, from the Radius Level you have signed up for, to your location and criteria for the jobs you wish to bid upon. We have literally had mail shops ask us if they can get less RFQ's because they are being inundated, to those who get very few because they are on the lowest radius level, and are located in a low population area.

Can you explain what a Radius Level is?
Radius levels help determine the number of Requests For Quotes you will receive. They are not calculated by an exact mileage but by the density of other mail shops around you. The higher your Radius Level and less mail shops near you, the bigger your actual radius will be. So for example, a mail shop with a Radius Level of 2 located in Los Angles, may get Request For Quotes within 30 miles of them, while a shop in the Midwest with the same Radius Level may get RFQ's within 150 miles. Even though the Midwest shop may cover more area, they will probably get near the same number of RFQ's since their area is sparsely populated. 

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