1. Micro-selects (Postage Density Selects)

The days of targeting income and age are slowly fading as more and more "micro-selects" (a.k.a. Propensities) are becoming available. Imagine targeting the exact prospects you are looking for. Results have proven to increase significantly - as high as 14%.

Find your best propensity:

Propensity Data Card

Company Type Propensity Available
Mexican Budget Restaurant Propensity to Eat at a Casual Mexican Restaurant
Travel Agency Propensity to Take a Cruise
Lexus Dealership In Market for New Luxury Vehicle

2. Targeted Saturation Data (Response Booster)

To achieve Saturation rates, the postal service only requires you to mail to 75% of all records, or 90% of the consumer records (whichever is less). So why waste postage sending to household that can't afford your client's product or service, or households where the minimum age is 80+.

With our Response Boosters, we overlay the Occupant Database with a Consumer one, to determine which household incomes are in the lowest 4% of a zip, and which ones have a minimum age of 80 years old.

Leaving off the worst prospects allows a mailing to perform better.

  • Households minimum age 80+
  • Households in the lowest 4% of income

3. Multi-Touch Marketing (Email Appends, Match&Mail)

While it's true that email is an effective branding tool, there is no better ROI than when you combine traditional ad methods (direct mail, radio, etc.) with it.

Combine Direct Mail with Email

  • Email Appends allow companies to follow up on prospects who respond to their message and provides a way to send personal messages.
  • Match and Mail combines an email marketing campaign with your direct mail campaign.

Use email to follow up direct mail: as event reminders, to reiterate an offer, to celebrate a birthday, announce a new store opening, and more.

4. Modeling for the masses (Look-Alike & Mail Best)

While modeling customer data has long been used as an effective means to hone an audience for direct mail, the tools available for the masses are better than ever.

Mail Best - Lift Chart

Sophisticated regression analysis provides the best way to use combinations of selects for superior list results. You're provided a Lift Chart on which targets to mail going forward.

Look-Alike Reports

Receive a comprehensive report on how current customers stack up to the general population. This offers insight on selects that will help you get better results for you customer's direct mail campaign.

5. Birds of a feather marketing (Postage Density Selects)

The days of "nthing" a mailing by geography are over. Sure it provides consistent results, but at the expense of lower response and worse postage..

What is "birds of a feather" marketing and why use it? It's when you are marketing to a similar targeted audience usually over a narrow geographic region. These prospects are likely to talk about your product, service or event, increasing overall results.

How best to use it? It is an alternative to Nthing by geography. Select your demographics like normal, but instead of trimming your list by taking some records from each area, flood one region at a time.

Our Excelsior Postage Qualification feature allows you to do just that!