Response Boosters

We just improved the results of your next Saturation mailing! No more blindly mailing to every prospect in a carrier route. By simply checking a box in Occupant, you can now remove households least likely to respond to your clients' offers (while retaining your great postal rates).


  • records where the minimum age in the household is over 80 years old
  • records where the household income is in the bottom 4% of any zipcode
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  • Households minimum age 80+
  • Households in the lowest 4% of income

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do they cost?

Each Response Booster is only $1/M. Imagine removing your worst performing prospects and it costing only 1 to 2 tenths of a penny. There's always better ROI with Response Boosters!

Is postage guaranteed to be 100% in saturation?

In our testing, the vast majority of lists stay 100% in saturation. But it is possible a carrier route is filled with nursing home residents or is in an especially low income neighborhood. We have two ways around this: 1) We show you exactly what % of your Response Booster list will be in saturation before ordering so you can determine it is worthwhile. 2) You can choose to remove those carrier routes where more than 25% are filled with these worst performing prospects.

Will my counts be decreased?

Typically Response Boosters will reduce your counts between 5% and 10%, but if you are using a radii list, you can click a button to increase the radius by up to 10% (so a 3 mile radius would turn into a 3.3 mile radius in the worst case) and fill in with more records. This way, you are able to keep your counts while removing the worst performing households.

Can I use Response Boosters in conjunction with smart Nthing?

Yes. We had a recent example where the list count without Response Boosters was 27,910 records. Adding both Income and Age Response Boosters took the count to 25,776 while staying 100% in Saturation. Then further you can Nth the count to 25,000 (or even 24,000) and it will keep the list in 100% saturation. But if you requested Nthing to 20,000, the system would return that this cannot be done while maintaining your current saturation rates.

How can I let my customers know about this ROI increasing feature?

In every report we now run, you can get Response Booster counts along with your normal counts. In our Template Gallery, we have a generic one-sheet (no Mailers Haven branding) that you can send to your customers to tell them about the benefits of Response Boosters.