Enhanced Occupant

Ever wish you could mail at saturation postage rates while removing those underperforming households that lead to lower overall response? With Enhanced Occupant, you can do just that! Maintain your postage discounts without having to blanket entire carrier routes.

How it works:

  1. Choose Enhanced Occupant.
  2. Use the Household Targeting tool to remove households by age and income (for example, you could remove poor performing households that earn less than $25K or those where every person is over 70 years old). Watch the video to learn more.
  3. Purchase the data as you would any Occupant or OccuName list.

Also receive the following free outputs with any Enhanced Occupant list: age, income, gender, marital status and presence of children.

ROI Analysis of Enhanced Occupant
Company Type Propensity Available Enhanced Occupant Job
Per Piece Cost of Print & Mail $0.33 $0.33
Additional List Cost $0.05
Cost of 10.000 Records $3,300 $3,350
Response Average 1% 1.15%
Total Responses 100 115
Cost Per Response $33 $29

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